Service Agreement No.


A. Notice to Registration

1. This Juanhand Platform ( and/or mobile application, altogether this “Juanhand  Platform”) is owned and operated by WeFund Lending Corp., a domestic corporation duly established under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines (“Juanhand”). This Agreement is entered into between Juanhand and the registered user of this Juanhand Platform (hereafter “User” or “You”) which has full contractualeffect and is applicable to the User and all the User’s activities in this Juanhand 

2. Before you register as a User of this Juanhand Platform, please review all of the following terms thoroughly. By registering in, accessing and/or using this Juanhand Platform, you accept that  you are bound by the following terms when using the services of Juanhand, and you undertake that  you have  read, understood and accepted all the terms under this Agreement, and you undertake to abide by all current laws, rules, regulations and other governmental requirements. You shall solely bear all the legal liability  associated with the consequence associated with any  violation of the above in your own name.     If you do not agree to these terms or if you cannot fully understand any  of  these  terms  in  this Agreement, please feel free to not

3. This Agreement includes  the following  terms and any rules and regulations which  have been or may   be published in the future. All aforementioned regulations are integral parts of this Agreement and have the same legal effect as this

4. Juanhand has the right to formulate  or modify this  Agreement  or any rules and regulations  at any  time as required (the “Amended Agreement, Rules and Regulations”).  The  effective  Agreement  and rules and regulations applicable at the time of registration by the User shall govern his/her transactions with the Juanhand Platform until said Agreement, Rules and Regulations is further amended after publication to the Users. The Juanhand Platform will publish  and announce changes to this Agreement   and rules and regulations at any time and will undertake to highlight the said changes when they are published. The Amended Agreement, Rules and Regulations shall become effective immediately upon publishing and binding to the registered User after such publishing. For Users who have registered prior    to the newly published Amended Agreement, Rules and Regulations, continuing to use the services provided by this  Juanhand Platform after such publishing means  that such Users have thoroughly read  and acknowledge, agree, and consent to abide by the  Amended  Agreement,  Rules  and  Regulations.  If the User refuses to accept the Amended Agreement, Rules and Regulations, the User has the right to terminate the use of the services provided by this Juanhand Platform. Nevertheless, such User shall bear any legal liability incurred under transactions conducted in this Website and shall be bound by the Agreement and rules and regulations that were in effect at the time of such transactions as well as Your obligationsexisting prior to the expression of such 

5. By confirming this Agreement, this Agreement shall be binding between you and  Juanhand.  You  hereby agree to fully abide by and honor any electronic agreement entered or to be entered with other Juanhand users on Juanhand and undertake to enjoy and/or forego the corresponding rights, and bear and/or waive the corresponding obligations

6. You agree that Juanhand shall have sole and absolute discretion to determine whether You  may  register in the list of Borrower or Investor. In the event that You are not  registered  in  the  list  of  Borrower or Investor, Juanhand is not entitled to provide any Services or  incur  any  liability  to  You  as User of

7. You understand, acknowledge and agree that  Juanhand’s role  is merely  administrative  in nature  and asintermediary in arranging for Borrower and Investor to enter into a loan 

8. You understand, acknowledges and agree that Juanhand does not and will not assume any advisory, fiduciary or other similar duties or act as an investment adviser  to You.  You understand,  acknowledge  and agree that you have taken, or will take, the necessary independent legal,  tax,  financial  or  other advice before Juanhand provides services to

B. Limitation of Use

1. Juanhand only accepts natural persons, legal entities and other organizations of the Republic of the Philippines with full civil capacity to register as Users. If You do not qualify, please do not  register. Juanhandreserves the right to suspend or terminate any User for failure to qualify as 

2. You undertake to use the services and the Juanhand Platform of Juanhand  lawfully.  You  are  prohibited to engage in any act that may violate the existing laws, rules, regulations and governmental directives of the Republic of the Philippines, or any unauthorized use of the Juanhand Platform, such as unauthorized access to non-public portion of the Juanhand Platform, improper use of the account passwords and any content of this

3. User registration refers to the process of accessing this Juanhand Platform, filling in the relevant information as required and confirming/agreeing to perform this Agreement and other related user agreements. After Your registration is completed, You may not assign your Juanhand username to any  third party or authorize any third party to use it. Juanhand  identifies  Users’  instructions  by  the  registered usernames and passwords. User hereby confirms that  any  behavior done  by  the  User who logs into this Juanhand Platform using his/her username and password represents the registered User him/herself. The electronic information registered by the User shall be the conclusive evidence of the identity of the User, and such User shall bear the legal consequence associated with his/her behavior in Juanhand.

4. You agree to register with a username that does not to violate the laws and social  ethics  of  the Republic of the Philippines and provide your real information, and comply with the  following requirements:

a. You must use your real name to register on this Juanhand Platform according to the governmental requirements, and provide Juanhand with the information required for the authentication of your

b. Youmust provide true, up-to-date, valid and complete 

c. You are obligated to maintain and update the registered user information and ensure that it is authentic, up-to-date, valid and complete. If You do not update the information in a timely manner which results in failure or mistakes in the service provided by Juanhand, You may not cancel the transaction or refuse to pay. Juanhand will not assume any responsibility and You  shall bear all the consequences arising

d. If you provide any inaccurate, false, outdated or incomplete information, or if Juanhand, in its independent judgment, suspect that  the  information so provided  is inaccurate,  false, outdated  or incomplete, Juanhand has the right to suspend or terminate your registered account at this Juanhand Platform, and to deny you from using of some or all of the functions of this Juanhand Platform. In this case, Juanhand assumes no liability whatsoever and You agree to bear any expensesor losses incurred directly or indirectly arising therefrom.

5. Deregistration

When User decides not to use the registered username any longer, he/she shall pay up all outstanding payables (including, but not limited to, the principal of the loans,  interest,  overdue  interest,  collection fee, service charge, etc.) and apply to Juanhand for the deregistration of the username. After the deregistration of the username, the contractual relationship between the User and Juanhand shall be terminated. Juanhand is not obligated to retain or disclose to the User any information in the registered account besides Your rights over Your own Personal Data as further provided by the Privacy Policy.

Furthermore, after all liabilities of the User has been settled and the User’s account is deregistered, Juanhand shall motu  proprio delete all Personal Data it possesses on the User, other than that retained   for purposes of compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

If User has not logged into this Juanhand Platform with his/her Juanhand username or other means recognized by Juanhand for 12 consecutive months, Juanhand has the right to cancel all or part of the Juanhand username and Juanhand account under the name of that User. The User will no longer  be able  to log into to this Juanhand Platform or use the relevant  Juanhand  account  using  such  username.  If there is remaining balance in such Juanhand account, the User may  transfer  it  to  the  bank  account under his/her own name in accordance with the relevant procedures of Juanhand.

C. Guarantees and Obligations of User

1. User guarantees and undertakes that funds used within the Juanhand Platform are from lawful sources and that User is authorized to use and dispose of the same. Further, User as Borrower guarantees and undertakes that the loan shall be only for the personal use of the Borrower or that of his/her family and not for business or resale, barter or hire of house, lot, motor vehicle, appliance or furniture.

2. Authenticity and validity ofinformation

User undertakes that the information he/she publishes through this  Juanhand  Platform  shall  be  authentic and effective, and that any information he/she submit to  Juanhand  shall  be  authentic, effective, complete and accurate. If Juanhand or users of this Juanhand Platform suffer any loss due to breaching of the foregoing, the User shall be held liable.

If Juanhand discovers that You, as a Borrower, are a student at school or the information You provided is false or fraudulent, Juanhand has the right to cancel Your borrowing request at any time without prior notice and suspend or terminate Your eligibility. In such event, Your outstanding borrowing request will    be terminated and the fund that You, as an Investor, invests in the borrowing request will be reverted to Your Juanhand account. Loans that are already granted are not affected and you, as a Borrower, are required to repay the existing loan obligations in full and on time in  accordance  with  the  loan  agreement.

3. Prohibitionof commercial use of data obtained from this Juanhand Platform

The User undertakes not to make commercial use of any data obtained from this Juanhand Platform, including, but not limited to, the use of the information displayed on this Juanhand Platform in any way, such as reproduction, dissemination, etc. without the prior consent of Juanhand. The above stated provision does not apply to the use of User’s own Personal Data.

4. Compliance with laws andregulations

In using the services of Juanhand, Users must comply with the laws and regulations,  rules  and  government directives of the Republic of the Philippines, and not to commit any illegal act, specifically:

a. Publish, communicate, disseminate, and store content that violates the lawful rights of others, suchas intellectual property, personal rights, and/or commercial trade secrets;

b. Mislead, deceive others by fabricating false identities,  publishing  false  information,  make  false transactions in violation of rules published in this Juanhand Platform, or such other similar actions;

c. Conduct acts that harm the safety of computer network, including, but not  limited  to, knowingly placing or planting any virus, trojan horse, computer worm, timed bomb or other computer program that intentionally destroy, maliciously interfere,  secretly  intercept  or  encroachon any system, data or personal data in any information he/she publishes; or

d. Publish information which the State prohibits to be published,  or other  information that  may beillegal or which violate this Agreement and other rules and 

Throughout the processing of the User’s Personal Data, his/her rights under the Data Privacy Act of 2012, such as the (1) right to be informed, (2) right to object, (3) right to access, (4) right to rectification, (5)

right to erasure or blocking, and (6) right to damages, shall be upheld. Entities to whom Juanhand shares User’s data shall also respect the same rights.

D. Services and Fees

1. Services and ServiceAdministration

The services that are available  on the  Juanhand  Platform include,  but  are not limited to, the publishing  of borrowing requests, access to available requests, credit evaluation services, signing and reviewing of contracts, recharging of balances, withdrawal and so on. Specific details shall depend on the services available on the Juanhand Platform at the time.

2.  User confirms that transactions confirmed by the User on the Juanhand Platform in accordance with Juanhand’s service procedures shall become the irrevocable instruction of the User given to Juanhand to execute relevant transactions or operations (including, but not limited to, paying or collecting money, freezing funds, concluding contracts, etc.) User agrees that the  execution  time  of  the  relevant  instruction shall be based on the actual execution time in the Juanhand system. User  agrees  that  Juanhand shall have the right to deal with the relevant matters in accordance  with  this  Agreement  and/or Juanhand related dispute handling

3. User understands and agrees that Juanhand provides services only to eligible Users. Juanhand cannot and does not have the obligation to ensure that User will  successfully  obtain  the  loan  or  investment after issuing borrowing request or investment intention due to non-qualification  as  a  Borrower.  User shall bear the initial fees charged prior to the disallowance of the borrowing request or investment intention such as interest, handling fee,

4. If User conducts transactions or accept payments in Juanhand Platform  in  violation of this  Agreement or the operational instructions issued by Juanhand, Juanhand shall assume no responsibility whatsoever.    If the above situation occurs and the money has been credited to the account  of the  User, the  User  agrees that Juanhand has the right to deduct such money directly from the relevant account and to  prohibit the User from requesting payment of such money. If the payment has  been remitted to  the  User's bank account, the User agrees that Juanhand has the right to request back the money concerned fromthe User, and the collection fee shall be borne by the 

5. If Juanhand discovers a processing error caused by system failure or any other reason,  Juanhand  has  the right to correct the error regardless of whether such error is beneficial to Juanhand or a User. If such error causes a User to receive more than what he/she is entitled to  receive,  then  regardless  of  the nature and reason of such error, the User shall return the excess amount or perform other operations in accordance with the specific requirements stated on the notice of rectification issued by Juanhand, and Juanhand has the right to take measures on its own to correct the above erroneous transaction. User understands and agrees that no interest will be  payable  to  the  overpayment  or underpayment  caused by the foregoing processing error. Juanhand will not be responsible for any loss or liability arising from     the aforementioned processing error (including the loss of interest,  exchange  rate,  etc.,  which  may  result from the foregoingerror).

6. Juanhand may temporarily stop, restrict or alter Juanhand services. Using  Juanhand  services  means that the User agrees to this Agreement continuously  until  and unless User’s request  for deregistration  has been

7. User agrees and authorizes Juanhand to provide user information to third party  digital  certificate service provider for the application of digital certificates. User undertakes  that  his/her  identity information provided is true, complete and effective, and undertakes to accept the corresponding legal consequences therefrom. User agrees to use the digital certificate in the relevant agreement on this Juanhand

8. User agrees, understands, and consents to the fact that Juanhand may ask the User to  supply  or provide information, from time to time, including but not limited to, information to establish your identity (, background, addresses, contact and mobile numbers, email addresses, IP addresses, operating systems, browser types, contact details, financial data, creditworthiness information, audio recordings, and telecommunications usage data ("telco usage score”) and other information and data generated that you provide in relation to using, accessing, or availing of our products and/or services (“ Personal Data”).

9. User consents to the collection, use, processing and disclosure of his/her information and/or Personal Data to Juanhand, its affiliates, subsidiaries, and partner institutions such as, but not limited to, Globe Telecom Inc., SMART Communications for the purposes such as credit investigation, credit scoring, data analytics,data profiling, and such other purposes as provided for in Juanhand’s Privacy 

10. User may communicate their objection to the collection and processing of their Personal Data in accordance with theprovisions as stated in Juanhand’s Privacy Policy.

11. ServiceFee

a. When the User uses Juanhand services, User agrees and consent to charging the User with the related service

b. Juanhand reserves the right to unilaterally set and adjust the service  fees.  The  modified  service fees will be published on the Juanhand Platform, which will come into effect upon publication and will be applicable to the transactions take place after the revision of the cost standard.

c. When using Juanhand services (such as recharging or withdrawal), User may need to pay through third party entities (such as banks or third-party payment company, etc.). The  specific  fees are stated on the website or other relevant platform of the third party or in the Juanhand Platform.

12. Verification

You agree that by giving details of your reference person/s, You are confirming  that  Juanhand  can  contact them for screening, investigation and verification purposes.

E. Special Notice to the Investors

1. Byconcluding this Agreement, User as the Investor has registered himself to 

2. While concluding this Agreement, the User needs to provide personal data to Juanhand. You confirm that all terms and conditions related to the Investor’s Loan Information will be subject to the loan agreement entered between the Borrower and the

F. Special Notice to the Borrowers

1. You, as a Borrower, may publish a single borrowing request for a maximum period of up to twenty (20) days and not exceed the limits set by this Juanhand Platform. Juanhand is entitled to set a limit, suspend    orterminate Your published borrowing requests at its sole 

2. You, as a Borrower, must submit the application for loan facility by choosing  the loan facilities based    on Your own choice through the Juanhand Platform and answer any question that might be asked by Juanhand.

3. You, as a Borrower, agree that all terms and conditions related to the loan facilities, including but not limited to the amount of the loan, the interest, the period, penalty fee, shall be subject to the terms and conditionson the loan agreement entered by the Borrower and the 

4. A loan agreement will only be formed effectively when the loan agreement is signed  by the  Investor and the Borrower either electronically or in any other  form  in  accordance  with  the  prevailing regulations.

G. Third-party websites

1. Content of the Juanhand Platform may involve or contain links to other websites owned, controlled or operated by third parties (hereinafter referred to  as  "Third-Party  Websites").  Juanhand  will  add websitesof business partners or public brand whenever 

2. Juanhand cannot guarantee and has no obligation to guarantee the authenticity and validity of information on the Third-Party Websites. User confirms that the use of the Third-Party Websites is regulated by the relevant agreements and rules of the Third-Party Websites and not by this Agreement. User shall assess and bear all the risks associated with the content, products, advertisements and  any otherinformation of the Third-Party Websites, which has no relationship whatsoever to 

H. Linkage to bank cards

1. Linkage to bank cards refers to the  linkage  relationship established  by the  User between the  bank  card owned by and linked to the Juanhand account registered by such User, so that the User can pay or collect money directly through Juanhand, or to recharge or withdraw money through his/her Juanhand account balance using such bank card. When establishing linkage  to  bank  cards,  User  shall  fill  in  the bank card’s issuing branch, card number, the User's real name and his/her identity card number and etc., which shall be validated by the issuing bank and/or Juanhand (but Juanhand is not responsible for the authenticityand accuracy of user information) before linkage is 

2. User shall ensure that he/she is the true and lawful holder of the bank card designated to establish linkage  and using our services and may lawfully  and validly  use such bank  card and authorize Juanhand  to verify the authenticity and validity of the personal information provided by the User on its own or through a third-party channel. User warrants that the linkage and usage of such  bank  card  do  not  infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of any third party, otherwise the User shall bear all the responsibility to compensate any loss suffered by Juanhand and/or the real cardholder and bear all the legal consequences thereof, and Juanhand shall not hold any liability. Juanhand also has the  right  to  freeze any balance of the User's Juanhand account, terminate or discontinue services  provided to  the  User by

3. User agrees and authorizes Juanhand to entrust the cooperative bank or the third-party payment organization to use the balance of the bound bank card when the User  uses  fast  recharge  or  repayment options on the Juanhand Platform.

4. User shall keep the bank card, the card number, Juanhand username,  password,  and  the  verification code sent by the third party payment  organization  and/or Juanhand  to the User, and  all  the information and equipment related to the bank card or the User's Juanhand account  in  safe  custody. If the User loses or exposes the foregoing information and/or equipment, the User shall promptly notify the issuing bank and/or Juanhand to reduce the potential loss. Whether or not the issuing bank and/or Juanhand have been notified, the User shall be  solely  responsible  for  the  impropermanagement of his or her information and/or 

I. Disclaimer

1. Risk Disclaimer forInvestors

User, as Investor, shall fully understand the risks associated with transacting through Juanhand and the Juanhand Platform. User shall make objective and reasonable assessments of  his/her  own  financial  status, trading duration, earnings expectations, risk tolerance and risk preferences and make investment decisions. By transacting in the Juanhand Platform, the User shall be deemed to have reasonable expectations and tolerance to the risks associated with the transactions conducted in the Juanhand Platform and shall bear the possible loss of principal and interest arising from the relevant lending done therein. User understands and agrees that any transaction made through the Juanhand Platform will not prevent the following risks, and Juanhand will not be responsible for:

a. Macroeconomic risk: potential loss due to change in macroeconomic situation causing  abnormal fluctuations to the price,

b. Policy risk: potential loss due to change in the relevant laws, regulations and related policies, rules causing abnormal fluctuations to the price,

c. Default risk: potential loss due to the inability or unwillingness  of other  parties to perform in  full capacity and on

d. Interest rate risk: impact to the actual  earnings  of investment or  products  caused by changes in market interest

e. Transaction risk: disputes that the parties may have in the course of the  transaction,  which  shallbe resolved by the parties in accordance with the agreed dispute resolution 

2. Juanhand provides no warranties, express or implied, whatsoever to any user and/or any transaction except for those required by law. Information provided to the User on the Juanhand Platform is for reference only. Users shall make decisions based on his/her own independent judgments and bear the  risks of his/her own transactions. User shall have no claim against Juanhand  for  matters which  result  from User’s own failed or bad judgement on the risks involved. In the course of the transaction,  the  parties to the transaction shall resolve the dispute. Neither Juanhand and its shareholders, founders,  senior officer, directors, agents, affiliated companies, parent  companies,  subsidiaries  and  employees  shall guarantee the authenticity, adequacy, timeliness, reliability, completeness and validity of the User-inputted data and the content provided for by third parties and disclaim any legal liability arising therefrom.

3. Disclaimer of inherent instability of theInternet

Due to the inherent instability of the Internet, Juanhand cannot guarantee that the service will not be interrupted. Juanhand is not liable to the user or any other third party if the system is unable to function properly due to the foregoing reason causing inability to use any services by the Users or affecting any service provided by this Juanhand Platform, including but not limited to:

a. This Juanhand Platform’s system downtime maintenance period.

b. Telecommunicationsequipment failure causing failure in data 

c. Service interruption or delay due to hacker attack, network supplier technical adjustment or malfunction, website upgrade, bank problem

4. ForceMajeure

Juanhand does not assume any responsibility to the User for delay or failure to perform due to reasons beyond the reasonable control of Juanhand, including, but not limited to, natural disasters (typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods), strikes or riots, demonstrations, acts of war, government acts, failure of communications or other facilities or serious casualties, etc.).

5. Disclaimer to User’s ownfault

Any loss caused by the User's own faults, including, but is not limited to, loss caused by decision making mistakes, improper operation, lost or leaked passwords, password being cracked by others, User's computer system being invaded by a third party, malicious or improper operation by the third party entrusted by the Users to conduct transaction.

6. The above does not reflect all the risks associated with  transactions  through  Juanhand  by the User  and all the market situations. User shall fully understand the  relevant transaction  and  make decisions  with prudency and solely bear all the

J. Monitoring of Content

User confirms and agrees that Juanhand has the right to disclose, modify or delete information as necessary and appropriate in accordance with laws, regulations,  and  government  requirements  from time to times to operate Juanhand better and protect its own and its legitimate users. User agrees to monitor the changes in the JuanHand Platform content which JuanHand undertakes to make easily identifiable.

K. Privacy

1. Juanhand’s privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) is prepared in compliance with the laws  of  the  Republic of the Philippines. As defined under Republic Act No. 10173 (collectively “Personal Data”), otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (hereinafter referred to as the “ Data Privacy Act”),  which  regulates the  processing  and collection of information provided  by Investors or Borrowers, and   for the collection, usage, storage, analysis and manipulation of the same by Juanhand, its  assigns,  affiliates, and related companies, and from which the identity of the individual User may be apparent or can be reasonably and directly

2. Juanhand values our customers and commit to protect all personal data which may be provided by Users. Please read the Privacy Policy carefully before accessing or using the Juanhand Platform.  This Privacy Policy contains important terms that affect your legal rights. It  is  understood  that  upon submission of the application form, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth therein, and is deemed to have given your consent to the collection, use, storage, analysis and manipulation of your data information accordingly. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions, you may choose not to continue with our

L. Intellectual property

1. Definition

Whether express or not, Juanhand has intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to,  trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, etc.) to information and content in all non-public domain areas of the Juanhand Platform. Such information includes, but is not limited to, text, graphics, software, audio, video, data, source code, platform architecture,  proprietary  technology,  screen  layout,  web  design and so on.

2. NoInfringement

It is the  obligation of every user to respect intellectual  property rights.  User shall be liable to Juanhand  for all legal liability in the event of breach, such as damages.

M. Default

1. When the behavior of a User is suspected to have violated laws and regulations or violated this Agreement and/or rules, Juanhand has the right to take appropriate measures, including, but not limited to, direct blocking, deleting infringement information, or directly ceasing the provision of services to the User involved. If Juanhand suffers any loss (including but not limited third party's claim, administrative penalty, etc.) caused by the negligence or intentional act of the User, the User shall compensate or indemnify Juanhand for the losses suffered and/or the costs incurred, including the litigation costs, attorneys' fees, security fees,

2.  User shall compensate Juanhand in full and hold Juanhand harmless from any claim or request for damage (including  attorneys' fees) by any third party caused by the User’s breach of this Agreement, or      of any agreement or document made or signed on the Juanhand Platform or by violation of any law or infringementof third party rights during the usage of the Juanhand 

3. If Juanhand violates the relevant laws and regulations or any terms of this Agreement and causes damageto the User, Juanhand agrees to assume the liability for damages arising 

N. Communication and delivery

1. Communication

For this Agreement and any other agreements, notices concerning the use by the User  of  his/her  Juanhand account and Juanhand services, User agrees that the Juanhand Platform shall be allowed to

communicate  electronically  to User or by posting to the mailing address entered by the User at the time  of registration. Electronic means include, but are not limited to, e-mail, SMS message, intranet letter or those that are published on the Juanhand Platform or partners’ websites,  or  through  official  WeChat, APP, official Weibo etc. channels.

2. Delivery

If notice is made by means of publishing on the Juanhand Platform, the date of publication on  the Juanhand Platform shall be deemed the date of delivery. Otherwise, other notices which  are issued to  User personally will be sent to the email address provided by the User at the time of registration, or intranet message delivered to the User’s personal account on the Juanhand Platform, or to the mobile phone number which the User provided to the Juanhand Platform after the registration, which shall be deemed to have been delivered upon issuance.

Please pay close attention to your e-mail, intranet message and mobile phone message. The Juanhand Platform is not liable for failure of information transmission and/or the late or non-receipt of such notices by reason of User’s own negligence.

O. Termination

This Agreement shall remain in force unless Juanhand terminates this Agreement or the User applies for termination of this Agreement in accordance with standard Juanhand procedure. Juanhand has the  right  to terminate this  Agreement or to restrict any user from using Juanhand  at any time without  notifying  the User.

P. Applicable laws and jurisdiction

Disputes arising from the provision of services by Juanhand shall be governed  by  the  laws  of  the  Republic of the Philippines and by the courts with jurisdiction over Juanhand’s principal office.

Q. Miscellaneous

1. Effectivity

This Agreement shall become effective as of the date on which Users show their consent  or agreement    by ticking the relevant prompt or by providing their online signature and upon successful registration by them as a User of the Juanhand Platform. Unless Juanhand terminates this Agreement or the  User loses the qualification as a user of the Juanhand Platform, this Agreement  will  always  be  in  effect.  Termination of this Agreement shall not exempt the User from the pre-existing obligations and responsibilities under this Agreement or other relevant agreements and rules prior to such termination.

2. Additionalclause

There may be separate additional terms of service  other than  this  Agreement  in some sections or pages of Juanhand. If these terms are in conflict, such additional terms in those  sections  and  pages  shall  prevail. Juanhand shall take efforts to ensure that Users shall be promptly notified of such additional clauses.

3. Severability

If some of the terms of this Agreement are deemed invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions of this Agreement shall remain in force.


Version Date: November 2022